Turning An Amateur Sluts Face Into A Cum Plate – A How To

Turning An Amateur Sluts Face Into A Cum Plate

We all appreciate a good cum plate. But what if you could turn your amateur slut’s face into one? 

That’s right – I’m talking about turning her cute little face into the ultimate cumplate. In this article, I’m going to show you how to do just that! 

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How to Turn Your Amateur Slut’s Face into a Cum Plate 

To get started, you’ll need some basic supplies. Get yourself a bowl, some tissues or paper towels and some lube. You’ll also need an open-minded partner who is willing to experiment with this technique. 

Start off by having your partner lay down on their back with their head tilted back slightly so that their chin is facing up towards the ceiling. Now, gently place the bowl over their face and secure it in place. 

This will keep them from moving around too much and ensure that everything stays in place when you begin ejaculating onto their face. 

Once you have the bowl in place and your partner is comfortable, it’s time to start playing around with different techniques for getting your cum onto their face. 

First off, try using your hands or fingers to spread your semen across the surface of the bowl and onto her skin. 

This can be done by either rubbing it in circles or simply flicking it off of your fingers directly onto her skin. This technique can be used if you’re feeling particularly adventurous or if you want to add more of an artistic touch to the experience. 

Another great way to get your cum onto her face is through oral sex. Have her give and receive oral pleasure until you are ready to ejaculate directly into her mouth or on her chin, whichever she prefers. 

Don’t forget to use plenty of lube during this process so that everything slides smoothly!

Lastly, once you’ve finished ejaculating all over her face, take a few moments afterwards to clean up any mess that was made and give her a quick massage with some warm water on a towel as a reward for being such a good sport throughout the whole experience! 

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